Security Manpower

SVS provides high calibre and qualified security and medical professionals for operational support to clients for both land and maritime operations. Our services are second to none with over 2,000 deployments of highly qualified personnel supporting clients operations.


SVS is a global leading provider in security and medical training qualifications within the security industry both land and maritime. SVS provides tip of excellence training solutions to commercial and government organisations around the world in some of the most complex areas.

Maritime Security

SVS delivers comprehensive strategic & critical operational advice and support services to clients in the maritime industry sectors globally. Maritime SVS management has more than 120 years of combined maritime and military experience.

Land Security

SVS has a wealth of experience in delivery of land security solutions globally. Our team can provide bespoke security solutions for any spectrum of land security and risk management services to support your risk mitigation requirements.

“SVS are one of the leading providers of risk mitigation solutions, including operational security support, consultancy, crisis management and training. We take the greatest care in managing our obligations to our clients, using high levels of due diligence and integrity coupled by being ISO 9001 accredited which supports our Quality Assurance”.

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